Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Analogy of LIFE - continuity of the graph of a function

Calculus is so far the most complex branch of Mathematics I have met in my school life. one topic is always followed by another complicated one, which sometimes even eats my brain out. Life is indeed Calculus! It surely is a one complicated thing after another.

My favorite topic in Calculus is finding the limit of a certain function as the variable x approaches to a certain number. It is my favorite topic simply because it does reflect my life as an individual. Comparing myself to a function, I too have my limitations. These borders often destruct and block me in reaching some of my goals. But as we go deeply to the topic, I also learned that the limit of a function does not exist. So I think, if I would only strive hard and appreciate every work I make, I know in myself that I can also have an undefined limitation. If I will just always aim high to the top and believe in my abilities and always have faith in God, I will be able to accomplish these things, I'll surely be not a has-been individual but a will-be.

As I go over with the lessons in calculus, I found this topic which caught my imagination. Continuity of the graph of a function talks about how a specific graph of a function behaves as it approaches a certain point.

I really find this topic also best to be related to our real life situations. Like its different types of continuity. The graph can be continuous or discontinuous. In this world, we can also experience this continuity. Those people who have reached success in their lives have a unique function that made them successful.

On the other hand, there are also people that until now they're still challenged by destiny. They struggle in order for them to survive and reach the summit of success. Such people possess their own functions that they have are also their personalities that might be not guided well and enriched as what success calls for.

I can also relate this in relationships between lovers. There are relationships that are really well-founded that it at last until they die. Their relationship seems like having a continuous graph that it extends infinitely through time. But there are also relationships that are really just incompatible. It won't last long no matter how they do. Like a discontinuous graph of a function, it has limit that a certain point, it is cut off.

I have come to realize that all of us really possess our own limitations. We truly are limited but we can push the borders of our limitations and be successful in our lives.

God is really very good. He made all which are very detailed that even can't figure out how He had done all these. Like life and love, it can be continuous or discontinuous and no one of us can figure out why, how and what for these things are happening to us...

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