Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rhemon’s Graduation | Congratulation Little Brother

         I haven’t post about my graduation with my elder brother, John Rhel, we’d graduated together. And also about my sister, Rhe John’s graduation, I haven’t gone on her graduation day. But now, I will not allow myself to be absent and not post about one of the most marvelous event ever.

         “High School Graduation, for others is just a piece of cake, a relief and a finished line of all the projects, assignments and other high school stuffs.”

         For me, High School Graduation is the end and the start of the journey. The end of all the worries, tears, laughter, fun, joys, headaches, stressful days, sleepless nights and paying high school payable. Goodbye to high school crushes, suitors, teachers, faculties, schoolmates, classmates and oh! friends. The start of new beginnings, the start of college life or other things ahead, another payable, new friends, new environment, another set of worries, tears, joys, another bunch of crushes, suitors and new faces.

Highs School Graduation Rites

         Let’s get back to my younger brother’s graduation day. Hhhmmm, I woke up early so that I won’t miss the graduation rites but then I found out that it will start noon :P. Oh Gosh, my dreams are cut. My Dad wants to come but its Thursday and he got a job to do, how sad. Anyways we’d rode a taxi from our house to Cebu International Convention Center(CICC) even though our house is just meters away, oh well, it’s manicurist’s fault she finished my Mom’s manicure late that’s why we run out of time, but it’s okay. As I expected, hundreds of people are present, I aw my former teachers, oh! how I miss them. The mass started and the priests’ message hit me not only that even the message of some higher officials and greater persons stuck me too.

Remarkable Messages

         “Love the Bible”, “Live with your identity as a Christian”, “Be the salt the seasons tastily”, “Don’t be ashamed to do nice even if others will critic you”, “You may be test by time but whatever happens your worth to loved will remains”’ “Always be a blessing to everyone and know your path”.

         As we arrived home I ask my little bro; “Have you listen and remember all those marvelous messages?”. He said; I wasn’t able to remember for I didn’t listen”. Oh well, same as me on high school graduation day. I didn’t remember even a single message for I was fond on the feeling that I graduated. hehehe….^_^

(Pictures are not that nice quality 'coz I just use a phone... hehehe...)

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