Thursday, February 14, 2013

Connect to Your Loved Ones with SwissClear Global

" End any communication problems that bothers you a lot, with SwissClear Global"

Mostly nowadays, Filipinos are looking forward to work abroad for so many reasons and one of it is for their loved ones to have a brighter future. The thing is while millions of Filipinos work overseas either temporarily or permanently, their children directly carry the burden of living with absentee parents. Flying far from home will made you missed the loved ones you left behind, advanced communication technologies such as the latest Internet communication features and tools do play a great role on connecting us on our families even we’re too far from each other’s side. Long-distance relationships among families luckily are preserved.

I do experience such thing, having one of your closest cousin be far, that you're not be able to talk on them personally like before. Online technologies do stay us connected but there are things that hinders us from doing so, like logging in a computer(what if you don't have a computer with you) or having a very slow internet connection. Good thing that I had just learned that SwissClear Global do have solutions if those things are present then you may simply put constant communication remains possible despite the geographical separation.

SwissClear Global is a Singapore-registered company established in 2008 with a passion to connect humanity and a service provider for international mobile airtime recharge, content and gaming credits. The company offer their clients a service that is based on the three fundamental principles:
1. Security
    - Provide a thorough monitoring system and procedures to avoid fraud, liability exposures and any kind of service abuse.
2. Neutrality
    - Operate from an independent and well accepted market place for financial sevices with necessary balanced framework of regulation in place.
3. Trust
    - Reliable partner with competencies to operate a global network and deliver on the services as agreed.

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"So what are you waiting for, if you have loved ones that far from your place then its time to make some moves and take time to check out SwissClear Global... ^_^ "