Monday, November 19, 2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu | Rhecel will meet the Digital Influencers on November 24, 2012 at SM City Cebu
            Are you an entrepreneur who wants to be empowered, a marketer who aims to be developed and an advertiser who looks to have a great connections?
            Then you just have nothing to worry about.
            All you need to do is join the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu this November 24, 2012 at SM City Cebu because they cater things you've been looking for.
Digital Filipino Influencers
You may visit this Event Pages for more details: Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu and DIM on Facebook
Program Flow:
9:30AM – 10:00AM   Registration for the attendees
10:15AM – 11:15AM Bloggers as Influencers and Brand Advocatestopic of
                            Ms. Fleire Castro and to be joined by panelists Mr. Kevin Ray Chua
                            and Mr. Rabsin De La Cruz
                            - Since social media is growing, one of the commonly practiced
                              influencers and brand advocates are bloggers. Bloggers do have a
                              great part on sharing and informing the individual on the things
                              around. Basically, their approach to advertising is through a reliable 
                              and trusted social media sites. Ms. Fleire will even share her
                              experience and observation then provide tips on how a new blogger
                              will build influence.
11:15AM - 11:45AM The Case Study will be discuss by Mr. Orville H. Tadle
                            - Since Mr. Orville is the local country representative of,
                              he is the one who is given a chance to discuss the details on the site
                              and how the site is working.
11:45AM                Raffle
12:00AM – 1:00AM  BREAKTIME
1:15AM – 2:00AM    How Influencers and Brand Advocates are Shaping Search Engine
                            Results will detailed by Mr. Ruben Licera Jr. and panelist
                            Mr. Tof Salcedo
                            - This topic will tackle examples and techniques on how search engine
                               results will play a big part on influencers and brand advocates.
2:00AM – 2:30AM   Blogging and Social Media Influence in the 2013 Elections,
                           to be discuss by Ms. Janette Toral
                           - Nowadays, social media and internet are expanding its popularity in
                             the Philippines and might be the easiest way to reach the
                             individuals. Ms. Janette will be sharing her observations on how
                             the 2013 election are being conducted.
                           - This part of the program will allow the participants the opportunity

                              to give a 3-minute pitch on the project or advocacy they belong.
2:45AM – 3:30AM Building Relationship with Influencers and Brand Advocates
                         would be spoken by Ms. Elisa Escobar, Azalea Residences and

                         Mr. Richard Eldridge, Lenddo
                         - This session will be the time where the speakers will share local
                            industry observations, experience, and insight on how the platform is
3:30AM – 4:30AM The Influencer Transformation, will be tackle by Mr. Ben Francia,
                          Mr. Khoa Bui and Mr. Alan Choachuy
                         - This part of the program will discuss the transformation stories of the
                            traditional entrepreneurs and marketing professionals became an
                            influencers and they will also share practical advice on how to be in
4:30AM              Introducing the Digital Influencers Community
                        - This is an Audio Visual Presentation for the said event to interest you
                          more on joining and be part of the
                          Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu this November 24, 2012
                          at SM City Cebu.
Major sponsor:

The Digital Influencers would like to thank their major sponsor, Elance, for supporting the incoming summit.

Elance is the leading site for online work where businesses connect with independent professionals to get work done. On Elance, businesses find the experts they need plus the tools to manage online work from hiring to collaboration to making payment and freelancers are able to get a steady source of leads, find jobs and earn money. You may also check Elance on Facebook.

Thanks for the logo and poster of DIM.
Thanks for the information and logo on the company.
Thanks Mr. Ben Francia for the YouTube video of DIM.
Thanks Ms. Fleire Castro for the information and invite on the said event.
See you there everyone and be part of the growing family of Digital Influencers... ^_^

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rhecel Meets The New Xperia S-the first SONY Smartphone

         The flagship smartphone Xperia S from SONY debuts in Cebu. You will be able to experience the stunning HD experince from the Xperia S, an Android smartphone with a 4.3-inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine.


           The smartphone is the first from the Xperia NXT Series. The Xperia U and Xperia P, along with the new Xperia Sola are set for release in the country over the next two months.

          The Xperia S incorporates the best of SONY technology and design. Its 12-megapixel camera with SONY Exmor R can take pictures in just 1.5 seconds from standby mode for the fastest capture of any scene. The Xperia S has an HD (1280 x 720) resolution screen, as well as front (720p) and back (1080p) cameras for HD recording.
           As a PlayStation-certified device, the Xperia S is in top form for mobile gaming. One can even play games and share content such as images and videos from the smartphone to a TV, laptop or tablet. Enjoy HD sharing through a wireless DLNA connection or use the HDMI cable to link the Xperia S to the TV. BRAVIA Sync lets one control the Xperia S with the TV remote control.

          The Xperia S is also NFC (near field communication)-enabled and ships with two Xperia SmartTags. This allows consumers to load pre-set profiles of tasks for their Xperia smartphone onto a tag, which can be easily personalized. When a SmartTag is swiped, the smartphone switches to the pre-designated commands. When a user is in a car, for example, a simple swipe on an Xperia SmartTag can turn off the phone's WiFi, launch the GPS app or switches the phone off to silent mode.

So dress yourself now and grab one of the Xperia NXT Series to take home then be amazes on what would it brought you... ^_^

"SONY". "BRAVIA" and "Sony Entertainment Network" are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.
"Xperia" is a trademark of Sony Mobile Communications. Sony Mobile Communications is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation, a leading global innovator of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for both the consumer and the professional markets. For more information visit:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rhecel invades H café | Harolds Hotel

                 It was late in the evening and I'm still up for work when I receive a message to check my emails. And there it goes, an invites was sent for me to go at Harolds Hotel and do some invading on the new opened H Café...
  Invading H Café
                 Satisfy your taste buds and explore a wide range of international cuisines with their Breakfast Buffet at Php 250.00; Weekend Buffet at Php 450.00 and Lunch & Dinner Set Menu at Php 199.00...

Here are some snapshots I took that might give you an interest to dine at H Café... 


Crispy Pata
- Super crispy skin that sounds crunchy when you take a bite.
- The meat was so juicy that makes it easy  to chew.

 Cebu Beefsteak 
- It was surrounded by a bagoong paste that makes it Cebuano.
- So soft and easy to eat.

Chocolate Cake
-It was purely made of a regular round tablea.
- Its sweet and a little bit bitter because of the tablea ingredient but it surely makes you crave for more.
                 I was really planning to ask some details on the Chef about the foods for it looks very much yummy and taste great but I never had a chance to do it, though the Harolds Hotel General Manager Mr Gembler answers some of our questions. Mr Gembler was very much accommodating and been great to all of us.

So what are you all waiting for... Pack your things and get ready to stay at Harolds Hotel then visit the very nice H Café... ^_^

Saturday, May 19, 2012


A journey that is so strenuous
A cruise that is so dangerous
Passing this way is really vigorous,
However,reaching its top is really fabulous.

One must have to choose
Which way he must have to lose.
One must have to keep,
Which way he must have to leap.

Whatever way he chooses to slide,
On each blend, trials hide.
And whatever distance he chooses to glide,
On each curve, problems stride.

When you stumble, don't just cry
When you fail , don't just die.
In every darkness, there is light.
And in every weakness, there is might.

'Coz in this journey called life,
Success is Failures wife
Happiness is Sadness' brother
And Light is Dark's partner.