Friday, March 8, 2013

OSLOB "Place of Natural Indulgence"

Have you ever been in a town that showcases historic and scenic views that will allow you to collect so many memories when you left. It might take more or less 3 hours to arrived at the place but everything that you will be experiencing is so worthwhile.

Carry your backpacks and join me as I take you a tour on the "Place of Natural Indulgence: OSLOB".
Oslob is formerly known as "Nigad"The word “Oslob” originated due to the misunderstandings between a native couple who's named are "Umpang" and "Burong", and the two civil guards(guardia civils) in the year 1785. The story goes when the said couple were taking a rest under a tree and eating a boiled bananas while soaking it in a vinegar and salt.Two Civil guards pass by and asked the couple; “Como se llama esto pueblo?”(What is the name of this town?). The couple not understanding what the civil guards were saying and thinking that they were asked what they were doing. And since at that time, the couple were soaking the bananas they replied Toslob”, which means “Soak or to dip”. And later on, the name was shortened to "Oslob".

Spanish Cuartel

There's no historical landmark has been installed and there's no document about its history has been retrieved but I’ve found out that it was built by El Gran Maestro Don Marcus Sabandal to serve as barracks for the Spanish armies. It is also believed that it served as the first line of defense for the naval infantry due to the town’s strategic location however, its construction was put on hold when the Americans arrived in 1899.&nbspThe Spanish Cuartel, a double rows of arches and 91 centimeter-thick walls of coral stones is said that the stones used for its construction came from the remnants of the collapsed floor of the once five-level bell tower of the nearby church of Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada Concepcion.

Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada Concepcion

Fronting the coast of Oslob is the massive church of Immaculate Concepcion. Constructed on May 4, 1830, that was designed by Bishop Santos Gomez Marañon. He is the same prelate who had built the kiosk of Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City that holds another historic story. However, the construction of the current structure is attributed to Fray Julian Bermejo, the warrior-priest who organized a military defense system composed of "Bantay sa Hari"/watchtowers and fortress churches in the southern coastal region of Cebu. Unfortunately, the church together with its centuries-old rectory is undergoing major reconstruction after both structures were razed by an 8-hour fire in 2008. December  8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion, the patroness of Oslob.

Oslob Belfry

Flanking on the left side of the main church is its four-storey massive belfry. Natives said that the belfry used to be five-levels high however the topmost floor was destroyed by a typhoon and was never rebuilt then another story is said that the belfry is a seven-storey high with 10 bells which have collapsed in 1871. I'm confused though the belfry is so scenic that you can't help yourself but locked your eyes into it.


Constructed on 1788 to act as defense front line of the complex against the moors that enjoyed invading the pueblos along the coast is called "Paril/Baluarte". The thick antique coral stonewalls are topped by a series of inverted cone shaped stones, this unique feature completes the medieval fortress. Attributed by Fray Bermejo, one can only imagine how it looked like from the ruins, the rear portion of the massive wall, gun-slits and the small entrance.

Calle Aragones

The oldest street in Oslob is built on 1879 that is called "Calle Aragones", was named after Parish PriestFr. Jose Aragones during the Spanish Era. Walking along in the old street you will then realized that you're following the main processional route way back that connects the church complex with that of the cemetery. The panteon is the focal point of the cemetery complex. According to tradition, the site is where the Spanish priests performed their penitential rituals every 8 in the evening over a platform that once stood at the center.

Tumalog Falls

Another a-must-see and recently discovered place in Oslob is the raw beauty of Tumalog Falls. Also known as “Toslob Falls” or “Mag-Ambak Falls”. The falls have mini-umbrellas that cascade fine strands of cold, fresh water in a rain-like fashion. To get there, you first have to drive a car or rent a "habal-habal" for 15 minutes to the highlands of Oslob and hike for another 15 minutes to discover the falls in which the way down was very steep. There's a natural mini-pool that welcomes you as you enter the area and a century-old trees that provides a mini Jurassic era ambiance. Everyone's might be jaw dropped upon seeing the humbled by the natural beauty of the falls. This immaculate nature attraction is truly breath-taking.

Whale Shark and White Sand Beaches
Oslob is rich of beaches where white sands resides together with a very awesome view of the horizon from the shoreline or wherever your eyes gets you. The very quite sea hides a very big secret that natures offer, "Whale Sharks". You may have four options to experience the humble giants' company.
       • Scuba dive from a  shore entry, it is just a shallow dive in about less than 5 meter but always note that there might be a strong currents along the coast.
       • Snorkel along the sea with your own gear or you might as well rent for there are also available gears from the beach owner.
       • Take a ride on a small fishermen’s boat wherein usually only room for one visitor per boat within 40 minutes.
       • Hire an outrigger boat but the things is, there are restrictions on how close you can get to the whale sharks.

You may check out their Official Website: to collect some information on how things are going and how to get there, fell free to interact. You might as well check on the video below to boast your interest on the place.

Here are some pictures that might interest you to visit at Oslob,"Place of Natural Indulgence".
The beauty of nature do hugs your eyes  the moment you arrive at the place, Oslob.
Solemnity strikes as you pave yourself on the park that offers the view of the horizon.
The holy ground of Nuestra Señora de la Immaculada Concepcion Parish let's you contemplate deeply.

"So what are you waiting for my dear beautiful ladies and handsome guys out there. Experience the humble offer as our Mother Nature showcases OSLOB, Place of Natural Indulgence." ^_^

*Credits to the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Marketing students of Hotel and Management(BSHM). Mr. Steven N. Sasam's class for the pictures and video.
*Ma. Rhe John, G-Anne, Stingo, Waneth, Mariz, John Louis, Jona, Jenny, Deyya and Janine.