Saturday, August 30, 2014

Technology did a great part on my life || #EverythingForTheTechieInYou

             Now a days we normally think and ask ourselves "How are we going to live without technology?" Yes, we were born and first see the world without knowing and having no knowledge on anything that connects with technology. We surely don't know what's with technology. On our younger days, we just see things simple and very well perfect. But we will not stay young and innocent forever so we decided to step out on our comfort zone and try something new that leads us to use and build new technologies that can help us on living and will make our activities easier. I’ll share some personal experiences that I have happened to realize when I just checked at Cyberzone in SM City Cebu yesterday night.

How technology has changed my way of living…!!!

Technology did a great part on my life || #EverythingForTheTechieInYou
Credits to @nuffnang and @SMSupermalls
             On my first grade, I happen to play simple games and using only resources I see around like sticks and rubbers, play hide and seek. And then goes second grade that taught me about technologies and how it helps and lessen the difficulties that comes when it was not around. And finally third grade comes and allows me to use the technologies that this world offers. Technology did my works easier and more fruitful. Before technology occurs in my life, I did things the very simple and longer ways that sometimes I can’t achieved the scheduled submission but when I started using some technology I happen to finished earlier than expected, maybe I’m not doing the older ways that will only achieved what was asked on me. But I’m doing the techy ways that will surely made me finished earlier on scheduled and will allow me to make some modification on my work and making it way more greater than expected. And for those happenings above let me share some review about LG G3 that I just checked when I rushed to the nearest Cyberzone in town at SM City Cebu.

10 ways to enjoy your brand new LG G3

1.    Quad HD display that offers a finest visibility.
-         It delivers vibrant colors and ultra-sharp images and supports an astounding 538ppi that was commonly used to print high-quality gallery art books. 5.5 inch screen with 76.4% screen ratio.
2.    Camera with advanced Optical Image Stabilization
-         OIS reduces blur and shaking effects. You can also take clearer and brighter pictures even in dark places. It simply gets focus and takes a perfect shot with just one touch. Front camera has a built-in Flash UI that gives you bright and lively pictures.
Technology did a great part on my life || #EverythingForTheTechieInYou3.    Light-weight metallic design
-         The floating metallic arc design makes the sides much thinner allowing easy one-hand control and much lighter.
4.    Smart Notice feature
-         Predictive recommendations and suggestions based on the status of your phone, behavior and location.
5.    Knock code
-         Customized knocking pattern of three to eight digit that will add a new level of fun when you locked and unlocked your phone.
6.    Smart Keyboard
-         Seamless typing with a simple gesture, quick correction on what you have typed and smart personalization that allows you to adjust the size of your phones keyboard.
7.    Wireless charging, hassle-free
-         Wireless charging frees you from plugging in because it has a 3000mAh high loading battery that gives you a longer lasting usage and longer lifecycle.
8.    Software diet
-         The number of pre-installed apps has been reduced by merging and compressing similar apps into one.
9.    Sensible indicator, QuickCircle
-         Circle window displays the top six you mostly used apps makes you easier to access them again.
10.  1-Watt speaker with boost amp
-         Plays clear, low and deep high pitch sounds without using additional speakers.
Technology did a great part on my life || #EverythingForTheTechieInYou
Credits to @nuffnang and @SMSupermalls

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