Friday, October 29, 2010

I Love Cebu | Welcome to CEBU

I happen to realize that my site doesn't tackle yet the very province I born --- Cebu. Well then, allow me to tell you things about Cebu...

Zubu, the original name for Cebu. Cebu was already an important port and crossroad for trade many centuries before the birth of Ferdinand Magellan. In fact, for more than a millennium before his birth, Cebu's sheltered harbor served as a hub for travelers and merchants from exotic and far-off foreign lands. However, when Magellan landed on the island in April 1521, he quickly decided that Cebu's central location and balmy weather made it an ideal base.

While Cebu's first European visitor did not leave with happy memories --- being as he was killed in skirmish with Chieftain Lapu-lapu --- nowadays, things have changed considerably. The island's friendly people and host of attractions, natural man-made, modern and ancient, make Cebu stand out as one of the most popular destinations in the archipelago.

Situated in the protected middle of the Philippine archipelago; Cebu's location ensures a relatively dry climate, making the surrounding seas clear, calm and diveable. Cebu boasts some of the best dive locations and dive resorts. One of the most exciting aspects of diving around Cebu is the many different dive types that can be experienced. Some areas are famous for the thresher sharks, manta rays and the extremely popular gargantuan whale sharks. Dive sites have fantastic coral gardens, sleep overhanging walls and cliffs, all teeming with a myriad of colored reef fish.

An ideal location for nature lovers and adventure seekers, Cebu provides a host of treks through deep green jungles, alongside crystal-clear rivers and foaming waterfalls. Trekking isn't the only way adventure seekers can experience Cebu, one can also go for mountain biking, horseback riding and golfing. 

World-class beach resort with international standard accommodations and amenities dot the nearby island of Mactan. Lovers of sea breeze, white sand and qua sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing can make their choices. Lovely beach resorts can also be found at the lovely seaside towns.

So for a wonderful experience just visit my beloved province --- CEBU. Everybody is free to come!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Horror Booth combined with Christmas Party | Mandaue City, Cebu

You read it right! The title maybe seems ironic to hear 'coz come to think of it, how on Earth would Horror Booth which was for Halloween and Christmas Party for Christmas be combine? If the two events were the exact opposite of each other. Well, to end all your confusion why I came up with such as title, your free to read this blog article of mine... Enjoy...

Once again you'll be able to experience the much awaited Horror Booth at Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Complex that composes of 42 Mandaue Pride members that will act as the creepy creatures inside the booth. Horror Booth will be opened on November 2 until November 3. It will start 6:00PM and end at 12:00MN. Entrance fee is Php20.00 per person and take note, Horror Booth is open for all who wanted to be there.

And oh, here is the explanation why oh why I got the title. The very reason why they build Horror Booth is first made people enjoy and at the same time be scared what's inside the booth; second is to give happiness on street children around the city. Horror Booth's earnings will be spent for the Christmas Party of 650 chosen street children. I was really proud to be a Mandauehanon for the very reason that we Mandauehanons are very much kind on everybody...

Don't forget to attend our creepiest, scariest, horrifying, craziest, wackiest. frightening. terrifying, and enjoyable Horror Booth ever experience...
So mark your calendar and be ready to horrified...
See yah...!!! ^_^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run for IT... Go!Go!Go!

It seems that this year was for RUNNERS 'coz come to think of it, many running competitions or events are held on this very year, 2010.

And this November 7, another running event will be happening at Asiatown IT Park in Brgy . Apas, in which the categories are 10K, 5K and 3K.

The running event was one of the activity of Cebu Education Development Foundation for IT or CEDFIT on their 9th Anniversary. This event is assemble to promote healthy work life balance to call center agents, which were often associated with a party atmosphere and smokers...

Special prizes are given to those top-three finishers in 10K category while the champion in each categories will be given money.

You can register at CEDFIT office in Asiatown IT Park, Runnr at Ayala and at Philippine Sports Commission or PSC-7 office in Cebu City Sports Center. Registration fee for students is Php200.00, for CEDFIT members is Php250.00 and Php300.00 for the other contestants.

The first 2,000 registrants will be given free touch mobile sim.

So what are you waiting for... Register Now!!! ^_^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road to Miss World | Bb. Pilipinas World Czarina Gatbonton

         The world's most beautiful country representatives are getting ready to battle it out in China for the title of Miss World 2010 and the Crowne Plaza Sanya will be hosting. Miss World Coronation event will also be held in the Hotels Grand Ballroom on the evening of October 30, 2010.

Our very own Bb. Pilipinas World Czarina Gatbonton is now conquering Miss World pageant... Here are some info about her:
Full name: Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
Birthplace: Malolos, Bulacan
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Tittle: Binibining Pilipinas World 2010
Major competition: Miss World 2010 (October 30, 2010 in Sanya, People’s Republic of China) Info by World Showbiz

I'm so happy that our contestant Miss czarina was well-recognized at China, inspite of the hostage crisis incident... Even the owner of Miss World pageant who was Miss Julia Morley asked "You're so beautiful! From what country are you from?"...

See how well-recognized oriental beauty or Filipina beauty outside the country...

So be proud to be Pinoy my fellow countrymen.We are conquering the World...

Go!Go!Go! Pinoys...!!! ^_^

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snowballs - Cold or Hot?

No, they aren’t made of snow. It’s not even related to the snow cone.

        This creamy treat is just like ice cream coated with coconut shavings and bread crumbs. The treat is round and fits your hand perfectly when you cup it. Although this snack is frozen cold at first, it is served hot. Am I confusing you?

        Before serving, the Snowball is heated in the oven for a couple of minutes. Mind you, the ice cream doesn’t melt! When you start to take a morsel of it, the creamy and luscious texture on the inside will startle you for sure (especially if you are a first timer like me). You wouldn’t expect it even if you’ve already known about it. Just be careful not to stain your shirt though. The Snowball can get out of shape the moment you take a bit. This treat also comes in mango, chocolate, pandan, vanilla, strawberry and ube.

        So go out and try this treat... ^_^

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Truth Behind Breast Cancer

This month was called Pink October because of the breast cancer campaign...

The experts said that breast cancer can be easily cure if it will be cited earlier and for that I'm gonna share some mustknowabout BREAST CANCER...
Here it is:

  • Year 2000, 182,800 women was breast cancer victim.
  • At same year, 42,000 was killed by the disease.
  • 1 out of 8 or 12.6% of women are having breast cancer.
  • The greater the age of women the nearer she is on the disease.
  • 1 woman every 13 minutes was killed by breast cancer.
  • 77% who's having breast cancer was 50 years old and above.
  • Year 2000, 1,400 men were believe carrying the disease and 400 of them died... (SHOCKS!!! even men have it...)
  • Inspite of the fear on breast cancer, almost 1.7 million women survived on the said disease at United States.
  • Breast cancer was the number 1 reason why women died at the early age of 15 - 54 years old.
  • The disease can be detected by mammogram.
  • The risk of breast cancer included family history, long labor upon giving birth, early menstruation(younger than 12 years old and below), late menopausal(older than 55 years old and above), over using contraceptives and always drinking alcohol.
  • Early consultation like breast self-exam, mammogram test(as early as 40 years old and above) and etc.
  • Breast cancer doesn't care if you're old or young, so as early as 20 years old take the breast self-exam.
Watch your health people in order to live longer... ^_^

Friday, October 8, 2010

Waffle Foldover | Pancake House

This is certainly the food for the Gods!

        This Pancake House specialty is huge, delicious and certainly mouth-watering just by the look of it. It is made of two scoops of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, choco bites and nuts, enclosed in a golden brown waffle.

        The peanut butter on the inside, blended with the vanilla ice cream made the dessert more flavourful and appetizing. The ice cream added softness to the tongue but it also made the sweet course heavy to the stomach. The choco bites added sweetness to the treat while the nuts gave a crunchier texture. The whole thing may be a pain in my pocket, so I don’t ask how much it costs…hehehe…

I recommend this for those people who didn’t get enough of their main course. In all honesty, the Waffle Foldover is enough to satiate you to satisfaction.