Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snowballs - Cold or Hot?

No, they aren’t made of snow. It’s not even related to the snow cone.

        This creamy treat is just like ice cream coated with coconut shavings and bread crumbs. The treat is round and fits your hand perfectly when you cup it. Although this snack is frozen cold at first, it is served hot. Am I confusing you?

        Before serving, the Snowball is heated in the oven for a couple of minutes. Mind you, the ice cream doesn’t melt! When you start to take a morsel of it, the creamy and luscious texture on the inside will startle you for sure (especially if you are a first timer like me). You wouldn’t expect it even if you’ve already known about it. Just be careful not to stain your shirt though. The Snowball can get out of shape the moment you take a bit. This treat also comes in mango, chocolate, pandan, vanilla, strawberry and ube.

        So go out and try this treat... ^_^

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