Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas is a state of mind | Happy Birthday Jesus Christ

As we will be entering the so-called "Ber Months", we'll feel the Christmas spirit everywhere already. We will see Christmas lights on houses, Christmas decors hanging, Christmas tree assembled at a corner of the house and Christmas songs playing everywhere... Ohhh.. how I hope Christmas will be celebrated always... I really love Christmas...

The song "Twelve days of Christmas" is more than just a repetitious melody with pretty phrases and a list of strange gifts, or a delightful nonsense rhyme set to music. It had a quite serious purpose when it was written as the early Christians way of evading laws that prohibited Christ worship.

1 Partridge in a pear tree - Jesus Christ
 Turtle Doves - The Old and New Testaments
3 French Hens - Faith, Hope and Charity; The Theological Virtues
4 Calling Birds - The Four Evangelists
5 Golden Rings - The First Five Books of the Old Testament
6 Geese A-laying - The Six Days of Creation
7 Swans A-swimming - The Seven Sacraments
8 Maids A-milking - The Eight Beatitudes
9 Ladies Dancing - The Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit
10 Lords A-leaping - The Ten Commandments
11 Pipers Piping - The Eleven Faithful Apostles
12 Drummers Drumming - The Twelve Points of Doctrine in the Apostle's Creed
The Christmas holiday celebrated today is indicative of Christianity's willingness to absorb the world's customs and traditions, and forget its simple roots in the historical reality of Jesus Christ. Christmas should be nothing more than a simple yet wonderful reminder of Christ's humble beginning as a human child in this world. His birth merely set the stage for the power, glory and salvation that would be revealed in His Life, Death and Resurrection! Whether it's December 25, or sometime in late September, or any other day of the year, Christmas should be used to reflect on Jesus Christ and His message of hope.

"Christmas, people, is not just a date. It is a state of mind." ^_^

Monday, December 6, 2010

It Starts with ONE. It Ends with FIVE.

The Bamboo, Chicosci, 6 Cycle Mind, Kamikazee and Sandwich was rocking the City of Mandaue last December 4 and yours truly attended the grandest event ever...

I just knew the "First Five 2010, In One Nationwide Tour" on television and I was really not minding it even if my favorite bands are the one who'll rock the night. Because I knew that I can't have a ticket on their concert, which was very depressing on me. At first, I was very much excited when I happen to knew that one of the bands destination was at Parkmall, Cebu. SHOCKS!!! Come to think of it, the venue was just meters away from my house.(Kinsay dili ma.excite anah!!!)

On the night of my birthday I was very much surprise that minutes I've arrived home, my mother said "Ana si Gleeter nga pakuyogon daw ta sa Concert sa Parkmall. Mag.dala ug daghang VIP tickets si Ron-ron ugma." ... I haven't sleep well that night, I was thinking that finally I will be able to see and meet my favorite bands. And because of that excitement I was feeling, I woke up late and I was not able to arrived at school early; in which our school were celebrating Foundation Day.

The Day

The concert will start at 7pm but I ate my dinner as early as 5pm to arrived at the venue early. But I was so disappointed 'coz it was raining, on the other hand, I still pack my things 'coz rain or shine, nobody can stop me seeing my favorite bands. Thanks God the rain stop and we immediately went on the venue without an umbrella on hand...(nakalimutan kasi namin eh!!! excited kasi masyado.).. Thanks to kuya Ron-ron, he gave us a VIP tickets, we quickly find a place which was near on the stage in which we can see the bands closely. The place we've found was exactly what we're looking for.

The concert went well. As it starts the people was very much getting crazy. Chicosci was the first to rock the stage and put it on fire, in the middle of the song, the heavy rain starts to fall but it was just minutes when it stops. Since, yours truly forget to bring an umbrella, I was super wet. But SHOCKS!!! who cares as long as I see my fave bands, it will be okay. Then Sandwich was the second to perform, then Kamikazee then 6 Cycle Mind. You can really never avoid people who'll be pushing you or even people fainting in front of you... SHOCKS!!! how dangerous... And since the crowd are getting wilder, I've decided to escape the crazy crowd and locate a place where I can be safe and of course, meet and greet the bands personally. BACKSTAGE!!! I went there as fast as I could without disturbing the crowd around me and silently planning how to get inside the backstage...hehehe...

And while enjoying the rhythm of the music outside the backstage, I just saw the vocalist of Sandwich went out, and well2x it's time for pictorial... Then next was the vocalist of Chicosci, he's so cute and jamming, pictorial again... Then the long wait was over because finally I've convinced the guard to let us get inside the backstage, but before we went there we first saw Bamboo going out the van. He's kind and cute but I haven't took a picture with him because his guard was strict even though Bamboo already nodded on us. We just went straight inside nalang... At the backstage, we happen to discover that there's a free drink of "Taka Juice". As I sat down I found out that I've got a bruise on my legs and arms, but who cares my aim for now is to see and meet my fave bands. The concert started and ended with a very nice fireworks display. I'm very much depressed that I haven't caught a picture of Bamboo. I've for him to finished his performance and take a picture but SHOCKS!!! in just a flash of a light, his gone from the venue.(as in ang bilis niyang nawala!!!)... But then I'm still happy to came in the event and see my fave bands performing live...

The moment I got home, it was then I realize that the Concert made me very tired, made my voice a little bit strange, made me wet 'coz of the heavy rain, made my muscles and body aches, made me sick and hot and left me a bruise on my legs and arms but who cares, what counts was the very great experience I was able to feel.

I will never forget that experience ever... ^_^

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Salute Journalists And Writers

Reminiscing my high school days makes me smile.One of my hobby was reading books, novels, essays, poems, and everything that's why at my high school days I always get excited to hand me my very own copy of SCOPE( the Comprehensians official magazine ) and HAGDANAN( the Comprehensians official newspaper).

On my high school years, one of my dream was to be a journalist who wrote their ideas and discoveries about the world. I really monitoring and listening on the editorial board and staffs while brainstorming their ideas.

Producing an educational magazine and newspaper starts with conceptualizing a theme and developing ideas. This will be followed by data gathering, lots of scrawling, endless editing, non-stop revising, draining lay-outing, grueling photo shoots and exhausting proofing.
As we read on the magazines and newspapers, we expose ourselves to ideas that might drive us to make a stand and move a muscle.

Before I forget, producing an educational magazine and newspaper will never be complete without extended overtimes, work on Sundays and Holidays, and beating the greatest enemy--- DEADLINE.

Why journalists do such things...??? Well, it is because they believe that this is their contribution to the country no matter how small, no matter how ridiculous and irrelevant to some, But not for me... Of course...They want to make people be aware that they are not living in a perfect world, and they have to do something about it.
Journalists believe that creativity and accuracy go together.

Credibility is the greatest treasure journalists could ever have and that the world ends once they lose it by means of carelessness and stupidity.

They have to be liable to their every actions. The only difference is they see things in a different perspective.

They are person who do their job seriously and professionally; they strive for excellence and they do their best for the service, through responsible journalism.
And for that I really salute JOURNALISTS...


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Environment - the zone of EARTH that is able to sustain LIFE

People tend to think of themselves as the most, if not the only important creatures on earth. We tend to think that all other things are created for our benefit and therefore we can use them in any way we want.

This world is ours. It is our only home in space. As we keep our own homes clean, let us keep our world clean.

The air, water and soil are gifts. Indeed, as a famous song goes, "The best things in LIFE are FREE". In gratitude to the Giver, let us keep these gifts clean and safe for all.

As far as the environment is concerned, the expression "Quality of Life" is meant to describe a state or condition in which: a. air, water and land are free from pollution, b. the supply of natural resources does not fall to critical levels and c. the balance of nature is not disturbed.
This means that we have clean air and water. Human wastes and garbage are properly and efficiently disposed off. Logging, hunting and fishing are regulated so that the supply of wood, forests products and aquatic life does not get depleted. There is no shortage of water and electricity. There are no serious flooding problems. Land use is wisely managed so as to achieve an effective ratio of the areas alloted to forests, agricultural lands, industrial lands and residential lands.

Today we entertain the idea that we are the masters of all things around us. But it also shows us how our activities affect both the other living and non-living things in our environment. It shows us that, if we are crazy, we can harm the very environment of which we are part but, in the last analysis, it will be to our disadvantage. It will be like burning the house where we live, because everything in an environment is, in one way or another, connected to everything else.

No person or group of persons can claim exclusive ownership of planet Earth. This planet belongs to all the people who have been born and will be born on it. The planet Earth is a system shared by all people alive today. All of us breathe and partake of the same air that envelopes the Earth. No person is meant to live on earth forever. Through birth we receive our turn to walk the earth. Through death we will leave everything that is of the earth. Our natural resources are meant not only for the present generation of Filipinos but also for the many generations of Filipinos to come. Let us manage these resources wisely.

When our turn to go comes, the next generations should be able to say: "They left us a good place to live in; They cared!". So the next time we litter or kill the animals or cut trees or do activities that may harm our environment, we must first think what are the disadvantages or bad effects on it then put on out mind that we're not the only one who own this planet. So we must preserve our environment starting today or even on the day you were born and hope to last it forever.

To achieve such quality of life, people have to impose discipline on themselves... ^_^

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Analogy of LIFE - continuity of the graph of a function

Calculus is so far the most complex branch of Mathematics I have met in my school life. one topic is always followed by another complicated one, which sometimes even eats my brain out. Life is indeed Calculus! It surely is a one complicated thing after another.

My favorite topic in Calculus is finding the limit of a certain function as the variable x approaches to a certain number. It is my favorite topic simply because it does reflect my life as an individual. Comparing myself to a function, I too have my limitations. These borders often destruct and block me in reaching some of my goals. But as we go deeply to the topic, I also learned that the limit of a function does not exist. So I think, if I would only strive hard and appreciate every work I make, I know in myself that I can also have an undefined limitation. If I will just always aim high to the top and believe in my abilities and always have faith in God, I will be able to accomplish these things, I'll surely be not a has-been individual but a will-be.

As I go over with the lessons in calculus, I found this topic which caught my imagination. Continuity of the graph of a function talks about how a specific graph of a function behaves as it approaches a certain point.

I really find this topic also best to be related to our real life situations. Like its different types of continuity. The graph can be continuous or discontinuous. In this world, we can also experience this continuity. Those people who have reached success in their lives have a unique function that made them successful.

On the other hand, there are also people that until now they're still challenged by destiny. They struggle in order for them to survive and reach the summit of success. Such people possess their own functions that they have are also their personalities that might be not guided well and enriched as what success calls for.

I can also relate this in relationships between lovers. There are relationships that are really well-founded that it at last until they die. Their relationship seems like having a continuous graph that it extends infinitely through time. But there are also relationships that are really just incompatible. It won't last long no matter how they do. Like a discontinuous graph of a function, it has limit that a certain point, it is cut off.

I have come to realize that all of us really possess our own limitations. We truly are limited but we can push the borders of our limitations and be successful in our lives.

God is really very good. He made all which are very detailed that even can't figure out how He had done all these. Like life and love, it can be continuous or discontinuous and no one of us can figure out why, how and what for these things are happening to us...