Thursday, December 2, 2010

Environment - the zone of EARTH that is able to sustain LIFE

People tend to think of themselves as the most, if not the only important creatures on earth. We tend to think that all other things are created for our benefit and therefore we can use them in any way we want.

This world is ours. It is our only home in space. As we keep our own homes clean, let us keep our world clean.

The air, water and soil are gifts. Indeed, as a famous song goes, "The best things in LIFE are FREE". In gratitude to the Giver, let us keep these gifts clean and safe for all.

As far as the environment is concerned, the expression "Quality of Life" is meant to describe a state or condition in which: a. air, water and land are free from pollution, b. the supply of natural resources does not fall to critical levels and c. the balance of nature is not disturbed.
This means that we have clean air and water. Human wastes and garbage are properly and efficiently disposed off. Logging, hunting and fishing are regulated so that the supply of wood, forests products and aquatic life does not get depleted. There is no shortage of water and electricity. There are no serious flooding problems. Land use is wisely managed so as to achieve an effective ratio of the areas alloted to forests, agricultural lands, industrial lands and residential lands.

Today we entertain the idea that we are the masters of all things around us. But it also shows us how our activities affect both the other living and non-living things in our environment. It shows us that, if we are crazy, we can harm the very environment of which we are part but, in the last analysis, it will be to our disadvantage. It will be like burning the house where we live, because everything in an environment is, in one way or another, connected to everything else.

No person or group of persons can claim exclusive ownership of planet Earth. This planet belongs to all the people who have been born and will be born on it. The planet Earth is a system shared by all people alive today. All of us breathe and partake of the same air that envelopes the Earth. No person is meant to live on earth forever. Through birth we receive our turn to walk the earth. Through death we will leave everything that is of the earth. Our natural resources are meant not only for the present generation of Filipinos but also for the many generations of Filipinos to come. Let us manage these resources wisely.

When our turn to go comes, the next generations should be able to say: "They left us a good place to live in; They cared!". So the next time we litter or kill the animals or cut trees or do activities that may harm our environment, we must first think what are the disadvantages or bad effects on it then put on out mind that we're not the only one who own this planet. So we must preserve our environment starting today or even on the day you were born and hope to last it forever.

To achieve such quality of life, people have to impose discipline on themselves... ^_^

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