Friday, December 3, 2010

I Salute Journalists And Writers

Reminiscing my high school days makes me smile.One of my hobby was reading books, novels, essays, poems, and everything that's why at my high school days I always get excited to hand me my very own copy of SCOPE( the Comprehensians official magazine ) and HAGDANAN( the Comprehensians official newspaper).

On my high school years, one of my dream was to be a journalist who wrote their ideas and discoveries about the world. I really monitoring and listening on the editorial board and staffs while brainstorming their ideas.

Producing an educational magazine and newspaper starts with conceptualizing a theme and developing ideas. This will be followed by data gathering, lots of scrawling, endless editing, non-stop revising, draining lay-outing, grueling photo shoots and exhausting proofing.
As we read on the magazines and newspapers, we expose ourselves to ideas that might drive us to make a stand and move a muscle.

Before I forget, producing an educational magazine and newspaper will never be complete without extended overtimes, work on Sundays and Holidays, and beating the greatest enemy--- DEADLINE.

Why journalists do such things...??? Well, it is because they believe that this is their contribution to the country no matter how small, no matter how ridiculous and irrelevant to some, But not for me... Of course...They want to make people be aware that they are not living in a perfect world, and they have to do something about it.
Journalists believe that creativity and accuracy go together.

Credibility is the greatest treasure journalists could ever have and that the world ends once they lose it by means of carelessness and stupidity.

They have to be liable to their every actions. The only difference is they see things in a different perspective.

They are person who do their job seriously and professionally; they strive for excellence and they do their best for the service, through responsible journalism.
And for that I really salute JOURNALISTS...


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