Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What am I going to wear today? | Wear What You Say!

“What am I going to wear today?” This is the question that we ask during these semestral breaks, when wearing the school uniform is not required. But in my case, I’m studying in a school where school uniforms are not required even on school days. Usually, when we finally find one plain t-shirt, whatever is the color and albeit a bit dilapidated already, we always end up wearing it.

    Once you are gone outside of the house, you will be amused to see that, just like what you do, most people you meet are also just wearing T-shirts. When you start to think that they are losing interest to declare their fashion statements, you will figure out that their shirts are really rather distinct from what you wear. You will notice that theirs got some kind of rare but attractive prints and designs. Perhaps, it is your interest that would make you ask the question: “Where have all those shirts come from?” and “What are their brands?”.

    You now stumble upon this blog post and so please begin reading.
    Shirts with printed statements on them, such as “I’m with stupid (with an arrow pointing to the guy who stands beside him)”,”Sorry girls I’m taken” and “I Love Cebu” are more commonly known as “statement shirts”.

    Here in our country, several statement t-shirts have come out and are still coming out. Their themes range from the nationalistic to those which make you insanely laugh your asses off. You should know that there are people who actually work hard to conceptualize the statements and designs of these shirts. High-level statement shirt artists and makers spend hours and even months conceptualizing unique and attractive prints.

    Statement shirts are actually good head turners for those of you who are pure attention freaks. It gives you a tag or an identity distinct from all of the other people around you. So, if you want to stand out from the rest, be sure to pick the right kind of shirt.

    Wearing statement shirts is also one of the best ways to express oneself and is also a very good impression maker. Those who are timid and shy can just wear one outspoken statement shirt and have all the people they meet nod their heads in approval, or in… amusement. Joke.

    There are statement shirts which do not really tell something of worth. Oftentimes, they are worn simply badges for bragging rights or just to insult and bash other people. So, before you could possess any of these statement shirts, let me remind you that what you wear actually reflects on what other people think of you. Let us all be responsible dressers and good mannered statement shirt patriots.

    Statement shirts are good for your day-to-day wear. They are simple yet very fashionable. If you decide to go out of your house in a shirt, be sure to wear one which is not plain and tasteless. After all, what you wear is what you appear to other people.

    So flavor up!

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