Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ice Cream On Pie | Unique Dessert

    Ice cream is just ordinary but ice cream on pie is totally interesting! As you take a chunk, the first thing you notice is the pie’s solid texture as it blends with the ice cream. The ice cream had a flaky texture since it was frozen solid when it was put out of the cooler. Eating this dessert might be discouraging to those with sensitive teeth. You cannot bite into the pie unless you bite the cold ice cream, you know.

        Anyway, the ice cream pie comes in three flavors: double dutch, chocolate and butterscotch caramel. I ordered double dutch and could not really distinguish the flavour of the ice cream from that of the pie. Well, I still gave thumbs up for the idea and the rice crispies (which served as the pie), although they weren’t crispy at all.

You can try this with me, if you want. ^_^


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  1. CraVinG for deSSerts... Where To buY thiS 1?