Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Creamy Delights to Tickle Your Senses | Gelatissimo

     Enough for you to crave for something cold, sweet and satisfying.

       Then again, wouldn’t we want another treat aside from the same old halo-halo? Are we not tired of sago’t gulaman yet? If you had the usual food trips for quite a while now, you would definitely drool over these must-tries.


    Get a break from the traditional ice cream. Gelato is now the in thing! It may sound like something jelly, but you’re wrong. It is an Italian variant of ice cream made guilt-free. Compared to the 18% fat content of traditional ice cream, gelato has only 10% of it so a sweet tooth like you may have as much as you want without worrying too much about getting yourself plump. Indeed, it is creamier and melts slower than the traditional ice cream. The flavours are so rich in a way that the moment its zest melts on your tongue, it stays there.

    Speaking of flavours, Gelatissimo offers a variety of them. The safest flavour that I could recommend is the Choco Hazelnut. Who would go wrong with chocolate, right? The Biscotti is also good if you like Cookies n’ Cream. It is, in fact, a much mother version of it. For the adventurous, Chili Chocolate is for you. Trying this flavour was really astonishing. At first, you could taste the bittersweet flavour of the chocolate. After a while, the spicy aftertaste burns your throat. It may be uncomfortable, but it sure is something to try. Aside from the scrumptious flavours, believe me, the store is generous.

     If you want to try this, I’m willing to join you. ^_^

    The time to chill and relax does not mean we’ve got to spend much just to please our cravings. If you believe in “saving for the rainy days”, then now is the best time to start it.



  1. you've got a Yummy treat huh!

  2. how much would it cost if i buy one?