Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Styled my Mom with M&S

      Hi there readers, I wonder if almost all of you remember what event will be happening this coming May 11, 2014 – a very special day. I so happened to bumped on a quote that says:
“Some of us have our mothers as our fashion inspiration. Some of us have a completely different fashion sense. So if you can style the most important woman in your life, what would her style be” Nuffie Monika 

      It allows me to remember again that Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it touches me a lot because maybe not all but at least more people will get to remember that special day upon reading those lines. A day that should be celebrated and made special because it honors a very special person that allowed us to lived and saw how beautiful, wonderful and awesome this world was. Teaches us how to be stronger and better upon facing the challenges that life have given us. Guided and guarded us on our journey upon obtaining our goals in life. And most especially, leading us the way where GOD needs us to be.

      I was planning a unique surprise for my Mama this coming May 11, 2014 in return for that effort, in which I knew she’s not asking, as for what she always teaches us, “Aim to be the giver, not the receiver; Return the kind acts showed to you, don’t just took it for granted“. Something just popped out in my head and of course with the help and idea of Nuffie Monika together with @MarksSpencerPH, I know for the fact that whatever activities each of us doing today will let us forget that special day and for me to help each of you be reminded, and me too, I decided to write this blog post for my dearest Mama and let everyone also remembers that Mother’s Day is coming. 

      Isn’t it challenging to style our mother in the way we did to ourselves? For me, it was very much challenging because in the first place my mother was the one who teaches and criticizes my fashion sense. She did know what looks and style would be better for me, very well. Now for accepting the challenge, I did grab some @MarksSpencerPH products to style and fashion her up then I came up with this three cute and sassy looks. First is having her upper to be a light colored blouse with blue edges while the lower be plain or with design skirt and having a stylish bag that complements her look. I was inspired to match those products because ¾ blouses and pencil skirts do a magic on her looks and it made her looks very reliable for she works as a “Barangay Lupon”. The second is having her a whole dress with a cute pouch for she looks so elegant wearing it and it gives her a look that my father cannot resist but to bring her on a date this coming Mother’s Day ;-). Third and last, since it’s still dry season here in the Philippines, I’ve decided to include an outfit that my Mama will looks so cute and sassy. The lose blouse partnered with a tribal printed skirt will surely made my mother looks so young and lovely especially for the eyes of my father ;-). I know I’m not that good in styling and in fashion field but for the things I’d experimented below for my mother, well, for me it looks so lovely.

How about you, readers? How will you style your Mom when you have a chance? Comment your fashion styling now and together let’s celebrate Mother’s Day with a great BOOM… ^_~