Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rhecel invades H café | Harolds Hotel

                 It was late in the evening and I'm still up for work when I receive a message to check my emails. And there it goes, an invites was sent for me to go at Harolds Hotel and do some invading on the new opened H Café...
  Invading H Café
                 Satisfy your taste buds and explore a wide range of international cuisines with their Breakfast Buffet at Php 250.00; Weekend Buffet at Php 450.00 and Lunch & Dinner Set Menu at Php 199.00...

Here are some snapshots I took that might give you an interest to dine at H Café... 


Crispy Pata
- Super crispy skin that sounds crunchy when you take a bite.
- The meat was so juicy that makes it easy  to chew.

 Cebu Beefsteak 
- It was surrounded by a bagoong paste that makes it Cebuano.
- So soft and easy to eat.

Chocolate Cake
-It was purely made of a regular round tablea.
- Its sweet and a little bit bitter because of the tablea ingredient but it surely makes you crave for more.
                 I was really planning to ask some details on the Chef about the foods for it looks very much yummy and taste great but I never had a chance to do it, though the Harolds Hotel General Manager Mr Gembler answers some of our questions. Mr Gembler was very much accommodating and been great to all of us.

So what are you all waiting for... Pack your things and get ready to stay at Harolds Hotel then visit the very nice H Café... ^_^

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