Sunday, September 25, 2011

Building Communities to End Poverty | Young Minds Academy Experience

 " We Respect the Dead but we have to give Dignity to the Living. "

        We are having our Young Minds Academy Learning Visit of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. in the former Lorega Public Cemetery that day when I heard those nice lines up there. My heart bleeds passing and looking on those crashed tombs, broken bones of the dead outside its coffin, those houses built on tombs and people are struggling on their living conditions. It gives me HOPE knowing that Gawad Kalinga(GK) was trying to help them. Gawad Kalinga together with its partners was going to build 8 shelters in the former Lorega Public Cemetery that can house 60 families per shelter, one of which was now under construction and the other 7 was on the process. It will also give a relocation site for those bones and dead bodies retrieved on the cemetery.
         Isn't it great to have foundations like Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation that was visioning to build communities empowered by people with faith and patriotism; driven by a culture of caring and sharing, dedicated to eradicate poverty and restore human dignity. And the most important of all, Gawad Kalinga has put God in its center... ^_^
Photos by my YMAers: Genelynn Niadas, Jaymee Libron and Jette Villamor Vestil


  1. Woah! What a solution. Thanks GK Cebu.

  2. Go Gawad Kalinga Cebu.