Monday, September 26, 2011

How to be an S-Leader | Young Minds Academy Experience

"Basic Instruction Before Living Earth"

This might be a very late post though I wanted to still share it anyway... ^_^

        The S-leadership enlightens me on ways how God works on each of our life. The S-Leadership contrasts the world’s way versus the Potter’s way of leadership. It can also transform person’s character to be near of God. It also encourages me to be more God-centered and live my life near to God. S-Leadership taught me that in every trials and problems was hiding a very blessed tomorrow and a very wonderful learning experience. It also taught me that there are no such things as coincidence for every thing that happened in our life has a purpose; God planned it to happen for us to learn and develop. S-Leadership allows me to recognize things that I don’t mind at all. It also taught me that in pottery making you can foretell things that God was doing on us, like wedging out pride, centering us in Jesus, raising us to our maximum potential, shaping us with our personality, skills, talents and experience, trimming us of undesirable attitudes and traits, drying us to be holy, persevering and willing to serve, bisque firing us to transform our character, glazing us with spiritual gifts and lastly firing us for strength and eternal beauty.

       To be a good servant leader, you have to first be a good servant follower for I believe that obedience to god automatically results in service to man. It was in S-Leadership that national transformation begins with individual transformation, that is why Ms. Selene Yu taught us that applying everything we learned in S-Leadership could start on reading the Bible, reflecting on prayers, encouraging one another in fellowship, adoring  Jesus in worship and obeying what the Lord commands. She also taught us that a good leader knows themselves and how their behavior affects others. A good leader respect, appreciate and value individual differences as God designed them to be and know how and when to adapt their behavior to meet the needs of other people and 
particular situations.

       For those reading, I want you to know that God wired us and the people around because of a different purpose, so that each one of us thinks that everyone is important for each one of us serves a unique purpose in each life we met. It's nicer to have a positive attitude about ourselves so that we can maximize doing good and we practice how to speaks from the heart then connects with the heart. It's also great that our reactions to others should move from judging to understanding to respecting to appreciating to valuing and use our strengths towards achieving success for God, for our organizations and for ourselves. And lastly, I will always remind everyone that there is God and always have faith on Him... ^_^


  1. hey...I looked up at the third picture...and I noticed something....that girl beside you is creepy....what were you doing at that time by the way? got a nice blog there....hehehhe

    1. That's one of my guardian angel Leslee and I'm molding a pot that time... Thanks for the compliment... ^_^