Friday, March 27, 2015

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             On my elementary days, I was bitten by our own pet and got healed by the medicine that was injected on me. Though our pet doesn't have any rabies but just for safety precaution I did take those medicines. And now, since I so love pets especially dogs, I don’t want them to be not well treated and be feared by any human because it hurt me a lot. So the moment I was invited by Ms. Rachel of PIA-Cebu (Philippines Information Agency-Cebu) on a forum about Rabies Awareness, I didn't think twice.
Bloggers Forum | Rabies Awareness | Rabies Free PhilippinesBloggers Forum | Rabies Awareness | Rabies Free Philippines

The Guests of Bloggers Forum for Rabies Awareness:
Dr. Teodoro A. Dabocol (Regional Rabies Coordinator, Dept. Of Agriculture 7)
Dr. Mary Ann Gabona (Provincial Veterinary Office)
Dr. Pilar Romero (Dept. of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries, Cebu City)
Dr. Eugenia Mercedes Canal (Regional Medical Rabies Program Coordinator, Dept. of Health 7)

Some of the information I've got in the forum was the reasons for dog’s registration:
1. Dog's identity: (To Identity Real Owners of Dogs)
2. Will enable lost dog and its owner to be reunited;
3. Registered dogs can make pet owners liable for medical expenses in case of accidental bites (Provoke or unprovoked);
4. Could be recorded officially as stray or non-stray;
     - Registration should be compulsory
     - Charged owners a reasonable sum for registration would make owner think more seriously before acquiring a dog and prevent the destruction of
Unclaimed strays, but also of the many hundreds of unwanted dogs taken to veterinary surgeons to be put down (euthanasia);
    - One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just 6 years;
    - One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens in 7 years.
And also the disadvantages of stray dogs:
1. Destruction of property;
2. Sometimes causes road traffic accidents causing death/injury to humans;
3. Cost of hospital treatment/human vaccination/other injuries;
4. Injuries/attacks on humans and farming livestock;
5. Cost of life and anxiety;
6. Scattering garbage
    - neuterized dogs are less likely to stray and would not cause unwanted pregnancies if they did stray;
7. Rabies and other zoonoses;
8. Overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats;
9. Death/injury of animals on the road.
10. Fecal and noise pollution.

Please be aware of these Region VII Bite Centers:
Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital, Daro Highway, Dumaguete City

Siquijor Provincial Hospital, Siquijor
Mandaue City Health Office, Tribunal, Mandaue City
Cebu Provincial Health Office, Capitol Building, Cebu City
Lapu-lapu City Health Office, Lapu-lapu
Cebu City Health Office, Bite Treatment Center, Cebu City
Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital, Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Garcia Memorial Provincial Hospital, Talibon, Bohol
Danao District Hospital, Danao City
Minglanilla District Hospital, Minglanilla, Cebu
Tuburan Health Center, Tuburan, Cebu
Argao District Hospital, Argao, Cebu
Medellin Health Center, Medellin, Cebu

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