Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intern YMAers on the Move | Young Minds Academy Experience

"Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can't hurry the crops or make an ox in two days." 
The Two Messages
       One evening when my heart slightly calms down after a downcast conversation, my phone beeps and receive two nice messages, the first one must be kept secret and the second one is the thing I'll be sharing here... The message goes like this: "... will be meeting at Consolacion Agriculture Office tomorrow...". It's been days that I waited to start my intership for I was craving to try new stuff and then Olah!, the day came...

The Internship (First Day)
       Me and my other teammates met the Agricultural staffs at Consolacion agriculture office and SHOCKS!!! my attire was so embarrassing because come to think of it, I was wearing a polo shirt with a high heels, good thing one of the DA staff kept a slipper which he allow me to borrow. As we arrive at the farm, it amazes me how passionate the farmers are. They didn't mind the very heat of the sun while having a meeting in the middle of the field. Before the meeting started me and my teammates together with the DA staffs decided to tour the farm. The farm was so huge and nice. We even meet the caretaker on the farm and also some farmers who are harvesting and we joined them. We also decided to bring home some vegetables that we harvested. Isn't it ironic that we already harvested vegetables though we haven't planted a single seed yet. The farmers are so friendly and hardworking. Though it saddens me that the actual farming part might be moved on the afternoon or on the next session because they still need to discuss and orient things before they plant crops. And since it was almost noon, the trainer instructed to take their meal first before the discussion starts because it was better listening while your stomach was full as the information will sinked on your brains immediately than listening while your hungry which will just give you a headache.

The Sad Part
       It was then almost 1 o'clock in the afternoon when I decided to leave the farm so that I will not be late for work. My excitement meters falls down for I haven't tried to plant the crops yet I expected it to happen though it was fine because there are always be next time. As I left the area I was so sad and as the motorcycles go I was still looking on the place until I got in the place that looks familiar "Brgy. Pulpogan". Oh!!! how I miss seeing that place, memories run through me again--- I stayed there for three days and conducted some researched.

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  1. Farmers do great jobs. Need to visit this site.

  2. Are they still at work until now.

    1. Yes, they still work 'til now for their city have allocated some financial support for them.... ^_~